What’s next…?

Tomorrow is the 1st of December.

I have been writing diligently on this blog for 60 days straight, every single day. I am loving it. I have based all of my blogs on books I have read that inspired me because I was relating to them. I deep dived into the ones that mattered the most and left an impact on me, books that I learned a lot from and gave me the energy and scope to go outside of my comfort zone.

Never in a million years I would have ever thought that I was capable of building a website, writing daily, creating a business Facebook page and developing ads to promote it, switch my Instagram account to a business one and spending so much time researching, reading, learning and developing an idea that was born from my love for books.

With December and the festive season approaching, I have been thinking a lot about WHAT’S NEXT. Where should this blog go moving forward? What should I be writing from now on? What is my audience interested in? What is my purpose with this project of mine?

I have decided to take a break from “serious reading” for the month of December and enjoy only Holiday based novels – I have a stack of around 14 books waiting for me that I can’t wait to start. That also means that I will have “less material” to base my blogs on. Until now, all I have talked about is self-development and career/business related topics, because that is what I was researching for personal reasons. This will continue, but the truth is, I think in December my posts will take a slight different tone due to the nature of my reading. I am still unsure what I will be talking about, as inspiration usually comes to me on a whim and out of nowhere.

To finish this cycle of 60 days posts, I just want to reflect on something that was repeated over and over again, no matter what book I read. Each book that I shared with you contained the same lessons. No matter the topic, no matter the author, the message was always the same: don’t be afraid, follow your dreams and chase your goals, don’t wait and just start, and no matter what happens or which obstacles you will face along the way…just keep going. Winning doesn’t matter, all that matters is that you are being true to yourself, getting better every day.

I have learned so much from this experience so far, and I am still, day by day, cultivating different interests that never mattered to me before. I feel a richer and better person because of it, and this is all that matters.

December is the month of dreams and miracles, is the time where we allow ourselves to celebrate and be kids again, and it is also a time of reflection as the end of an year comes closer, and we get ready to welcome a new one, feeling full of hopes and setting new goals for ourselves.

I will take some time to reflect on the year that it’s coming to an end and to the year ahead of us. So much happened to everyone around the world, we have been affected in ways no one ever thought were possible, and we all had to reassess our lives and sometimes, reinvent ourselves. I will also take time to think about where this blog will take me? Will it be more personal? Will it be more about books? Will I continue sharing with you my learnings from my readings? It will come to me, I am sure of that.

In the last book I read, “Finding your own North Star”, Martha always said that you should follow your intuition, so this is exactly what I will do.

Stay tuned for more to come, and until than, see you soon!

2 thoughts on “What’s next…?

  1. llalani says:

    Bravo Monica!! So inspired by you & in awe of your journey & commitment.

    There’s no better gift you can give than sharing your lessons learned & hoping it resonates & helps others along the way.

    Thank you Monica-Please know you make a HUGE difference in the world.

    I look forward to whatever comes next for you….there is no doubt you truly deserve the BEST in life & love & ALL your dreams & wishes coming true!

    Take good care & keep smiling😁!


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