Hi! Thank you for checking out my page. I am Monica, currently living in Dubai since 13 years and loving it.

I am half Hungarian and half Swiss, born and raised in Italy. Before coming to Dubai I was living in Spain for 5 years. For a living, I direct the operations of restaurants and bars…for 20 years in 5 star hotels and lately for an expanding local hospitality company.

I am the mother of a 9 year old who shares with me the love for reading and writing, and she will have her own page in this site, where I will share her mind-blowing creativity in the form of her short stories…born right out of that beautiful imagination that only kids seems to have, and that we, as adults, unfortunately lose while we grow old and too preoccupied with our lives.

I have been wanting to start this project for a very long time…I have a passion for reading that it’s like breathing: if I could, I would do little else. But I also love to write…I will not lie to you if I say that I have imagined writing my own book more than once. So I guess this is a test drive.

Initially, this project was born with the sole idea in mind of writing book reviews to help those out there who need and appreciate a short summary before actually buying something to read. My reviews will be short, leaving it to you to discover the book…my intention is not to write a long summary of the plot, but more giving you a small taste of what you can expect, with a star rating based on my personal taste.

Than, during lockdown, as everyone else in this planet, I had a rollercoaster time where all sort of thoughts and emotion found place in my heart and in my mind…I began questioning what I do for a living, what I really love and enjoy, what is my purpose, what would make me happy and accomplished day in and day out…I had a tough year professionally speaking, and I started to read more and more, research, learn and discover, looking for that “sparkle”, that butterfly effect, that “something” that stares at you right in the face and tells you: “this is it! you should be doing this!”. So the third part of this website is dedicated to a sort of a journal of discovery, a path of research for an answer to my biggest question: what I should be doing? and it will often be connected to the books I will read and review.

I hope you will enjoy this page, find it useful, maybe even inspiring ( wishful thinking I know! ) and I look forward to hear from you. You will find my contact details in the contact page, should you wish to get in touch!

Happy reading and talk soon!