2022 Goodreads challenge: 6 / 60

The Temporary Roomie

The Love Hypothesis

I practically devoured this book! My favorite for the year yet, amongst very strong contestants. I laughed so hard, the dialogues so funny and entertaining. Can’t wait to read more of her!

Olive is a PHD candidate who doesn’t trust in love, because everyone around her she ever felt something for, abandoned her. But when she needs to convince her best friend Anh that she moved on from her short relationship with Jeremy ( who Anh likes ), she needs to submit proof. And how to do such a thing? Kiss the first man she sees, in front of Anh. Problem is, this someone is Dr. Adam Carlsen, not only a professor, but one of the best and most feared ones on campus. Thinking her life is officially over, she is more than surprised when he agrees to fake-date her to keep pretenses up. He also has his own stake in the game, as this will help him prove he is not planning to leave Stanford, which will hopefully convince the panel to unfreeze his grant funds. While keeping the show going, they are forced to get closer and intimate, and Olive realizes he is not so bad after all. When he offers to share a room at an upcoming conference where Olive is set to speak for the first time, things get heated up between them and Olive realizes she is falling in love. Everything would be great if it wasn’t for another professor, and Adam grant collaborator, who sexually assaults her and belittles her work. The worse part: she was supposed to go to his lab next year to finish her project. Stuck between her love for Adam, and not wanting to compromise his future, she decides to retreat and end the fake-dating, which was anyone planned to last only until Adam got his funds unfrozen. Broken hearted and in tears, her friends come to the rescue, pushing her to tell Adam the truth. A happy ending is around the corner, and not only for love, but also for her career.

Eight Perfect Hours

After reading her first novel last year, I was really looking forward to this one, and it didn’t disappoint. Well done to Lia for another great novel! Loved it!

Noelle is just back from her 15-years school reunion when a massive snow storm hits the highway and she is stranded with hundreds of others on the road. Panicking about leaving her mother alone for more than expected, without battery on her phone, she is saved by Sam, and American in the car behind her. What initially was the gesture of a stranger to use his charger, becomes suddenly more, as they hit it off, spending 8 hours together in the car talking and getting to know each other. But all comes to an end when the roads open up, and she reluctantly leaves Sam behind, sure of not seeing him ever again. Forced to go back for her life, where all she does is taking care of her mother and putting her dreams of being a florist aside, she will be surprised when fate has other plans, and her and Sam keep pumping into each other, reconnecting once more. Both have so much in common, including long term relationships that have broken but seem to come back to the surface, clouding what is actually happening: love. It will take some time for both of them to realize that destiny has been trying to push them together since school days, and the more the story goes on, the more surprises you will discover about how their paths is connected and unbreakable. You are in for a lot of WOW moments and a fantastic happy ending!

Finlay Donovan is Killing It

OMG what a gem of a book! I struggled to put it down, absolutely hilarious and witty and one of the best reads in a while. Can’t wait for her second book to come out, which I heard is just as good as this one!

Finlay is struggling after her divorce, trying to juggle her two kids, an empty bank account and a writer’s block. She is so late with her novel submission ( her only income ), and during yet another meeting with her agent, she is overheard while discussing the plot of her novel by a lady sitting nearby, who mistakes her for a contract killer and offers her an insane amount of money to get rid of her husband. With the help of her recently-fired-by-her-husband nanny, she finds herself tangled in a real murder and its investigation, with more money than she can count, and with an insanely good story plot that grants her a new 2 book deal contract, erasing forever her financial issues.

Apples Never Fall

I would like to start by saying that I have read all of her books, every single one of them, and loved them all without questions, making her easily one of my favorite writers. But this one, was such a disappointment that it almost become one of my rare DNF’s. I really really struggled, and if it wasn’t that I have adamant to find out what happens in the end, I would have never endured. Out of 467 pages, I could really save only the last 100 where it actually got interesting a bit and was worth reading.
I am not going to write a summary.
For me it’s a pass and I recommend strongly that you read all her other books but don’t ruin it, and skip this one out.

Midnight in the Snow

Karen Swan never disappoints. That is why she is one of my top 5 favorite writers. She just ensures you are glued to the pages, from the first to the last, intrigued and totally absorbed in the story. Loved this book just as much as I loved all the others. Highly recommend it – as usual.

Clover Philipps is winning one award after the other, after bringing to life the story of world champion surfer Cory, who suffered a life threatening incident during a competition to the hands of Kit Foley, leaving him depressed and unable to compete again. On a mission to outdo herself and deliver a new and better movie in record time for the Cannes Festival, she decides on pursuing the impossible: telling the story Kit’s story. Headed for the Alps where Kit is now pursuing a snowboarding career, the news of Cory’s suicide reach her and leaves her with more grit to find out exactly what happened. Problem is, Kit is absolutely uncooperative and the two develop a hatred relationship that risks to compromise everything. But Clover is set on giving Cory’s family justice or at least an explanation of what happened all those years ago and changed their lives forever. It will be a great surprise, after weeks of observations and research, to find out that nothing is as it seems. Unveiling one secret after the other, Kit and Clover somehow get close in a love-hate relationship that will help uncover the truth of what happened that day. And you will probably be unsurprised to find out, that Kit wasn’t the actual foe in this story all along.