DISCLAIMER: Myrah is my daughter and she is 9. She has started writing these short stories since March 2020 onwards. Please note that I will not edit or change anything she wrote and merely type out her imagination from paper to here.

The girl who survived

It all starts when Alexa Waterbringer woke up in the morning…

“Wake up! Up lazy girl, up!” came the shrill voice of my mom’s maid.

“Wow!” I moaned, “now at 7 in the morning I have to listen to the shrill voice of Melitta!” ( my mom’s maid ).

I’m sorry, I didn’t introduce myself. My name is Alexa Waterbringer and I’m only 12 years old. I have been in this house since I was born.

At the moment, I put on my elegant clothes, that I found on my bed and when I was about to rush through the door, it burst open and in came my little brother Milton, who is only 4 years old, crying “Good morning sister!” “Well, good morning Milton”, I responded. “Let’s go down to eat breakfast, ok?” “Ok, he replied”, with his cute toddler voice.

Holding hands, we gently walked through the silent, decorated halls and the solid, slippery stairs and into the dining room. Our house was quite enormous as you see. we live in a grand palace.

We finally sat down on the comfortable chairs and ate the delicious food that was laid on the wide table.

After breakfast, we rushed outside to see the post. After, we brought it inside and handed it to mum, and we dashed outside again to play under the beaming, scorching sun with our puppy, Maginal, and our kitten, Greysnow.

“Come inside when you want to” mum shouted at us. Than she added “If a stranger comes, bring him to me and dad”. Strangers neve come here…is she mad? Strangers were scared of us.

Mum yelled to dad to come see the post. “Dearie, today the post is a massive pile, you know” mum said to dad.

At this instant, a stranger actually came to our house. “This can’t be true”, I thought. I dragged her inside to mum and dad. After 30 minutes, they finished their conversation and began to say goodbye. The stranger gave mum a precious box, “I wonder what’s inside”, I say to brother. I dragged her outside again. Finally, she went away, but she’s left something behind. I went to open the gate and grabbed what was left behind. My brother followed me. “this is some kind of earth we live on. Should we show it to mum and dad?”, I suggested. “Yes!” screamed Milton. We ran rapidly to mum and dad panting heavily all the way. We excitedly arrived at the door and found mum and dad, staring outside at the horizon. “Mum, dad! Look at what the strange left behind!” I screamed and surprised them.

“Well, this looks like the earth but in a standing pole”, replied dad. “If she left it behind, we’ll have to keep it until she comes back again” mum said. “Can I keep it in my bedroom, please?” I cried, showing puppy dog eyes. “Okay” sighed dad “But use it wisely and carefully”. “If it suddenly breaks tell me and dad, and than we’ll fix it and if we can’t fix it, we’ll carefully bring it to Mr. and Mrs. Sparks” mum said reassuringly. “Okay” I replied.

I climbed upstairs with the globe in hand, I went through the halls, which had pictures of our family, and finally arrived at my gigantic room. I found a perfect place to put the globe. I put it in my table cupboard, near my bed so I could look at the earth always, whenever I wanted to. But, suddenly, something came out of the globe. It looked like a human with huge eagle wings. “I wonder who is it?” “You are wondering who I am. I’ll tell you. I am Malefent, the queen of the enchanted city of Meline. I live in this globe. I am magical and I fly around the city to see what’s going on all the time”.

“From w-w-where did y-y-you sp-sp-sprout from?” I asked, stammering slightly. ” From the globe” she replied, deeply. “I’ll show you my world”.

She took my hand, fluttered her wings and we went inside the globe. finally, when we were inside, Malefent showed me her city and her world. There were some people that had eagle wings just like her. There were also kind-hearted fairies gossiping while flying with other fairies. There were also grumpy, but helpful trolls. There were also some kind of dragons that looked like dogs. There were turtles but thee turtles were as fast as lightening. There were also some fast and slow birds, flying around like airplanes in the sky and they don’t even know where to go, so they’re just flying around in the sky. They should actually just land on the ground and ask for directions, but if they can’t talk they can use actions.

We arrived at the castle’s doors, they were large, simple ones. They opened themselves and let us enter the gigantic throne room, which was full of beautiful well-painted and kept decorations. The throne room has pictures on the ceilings and two wonderful thrones standing in the distance. I ran to the thrones and was surprised to see that there were pictures on it too. The thrones were made out of grass, leaves, wood and other things that are part of nature and its beauty. I sat on the throne. It was so comfortable that I felt that I was going to sleep, speak, drink, eat, work and do any other daily routine that I do, right on that chair.

Malefent sat down too, but she sat up with her back straight. And I? I sat like a fat, plump, roasted chicken that was going to day dream all day in the comfortable throne. “A queen sits up straight not slump like you are!” she told me. Immediately I sat up straight. She smiled and said “That’s more like it!”.

Suddenly, 2 foxes with 4 tails ran up to us screaming. “Alert! Alert! My queen, king Zantil is coming in Meline for a visit! We need to be ready!!” “Send the guards to the entry of Meline and when he comes, block the entrance” she ordered. “Wait! What? Who are they and who is king Zantil?” I asked perplexed. “They are my messengers and king Zantil is a human king who is very kind” she replied. “Ohhhh now I get it! Thanks for the explanation”. She smiled.

When the time came for king Zantil to arrive, everyone was ready. Me and Malefent went to the entry of Meline. The tree like guards blocked the entrance with their strong sticks. one of the guards said “Alt!” ” I only came to explain that we need help at Miraland, my kingdom.” King Zentil cried desperately. The guards looked at Malefent, waiting for an answer. “Let him enter” Malefent ordered, and the guards did as they were told.

“Oh no!” sobbed mum “My dear daughter” “Sniff, sniff” cried Milton. “Oh, where is she, our dear daughter” cried dad, stroking with a hand a beautiful painting of Alexa.

King Zantil was walking through the halls of the castle in Meline, mesmerized by the beauty of it. “Woah! Wow! This is beautiful!” he exclaimed, astonished. We arrived to the dining room, and there sitting on a chair, I ate all kinds of delicious food while Melefent and the King talked. After I feasted on everything that was on the tables, I took a chandelier and went with Malefent to the guest room. When I went into the room, I immediately jumped on my bed, exhausted and full. I unpacked my bags, looked around the room and checked things out. the wardrobe was spacious, the bed was cozy, warm and huge. The bathroom was amazing. The fire was crackling and…If you ask me, was there a TV? There was obviously no TV. There were books though. And notepads…and diaries. I slept and read all day, wrote in notepads and diaries. Drew on some paper, made things, studied paintings. Until I got bored and decided to take a stroll around the city and castle and meet new people.

After all that, Melefent sent guards to protect me. I asked a guard why and he said “Because there is a war”. I was terrified by this that I froze on the spot. I had so many questions in mind: Will I live? Will I ever go back home? Will I die? But than a ringing voice in my head interrupted my thoughts. “You are brave. You are a strong girl.” This is what my mother used to say when I was afraid. A second later, I felt more confident. I stuck out my chest while the guards looked at me like I was mad. They continued staring, glaring at me and muttering to each other.

After a while, I went to sleep when a mumbling noise woke me up. I looked at the window and found the whole city destroyed. Suddenly, there was a voice at the door. It said “Sleepy night night, guards, the teen is mine!” ” Who are you?” I asked. ” I am Cynthina” she said “I am the daughter of Eltina and Ferdon of Cylton, the place where fairies earn their Fairix power. I came here to take you to Cylton”. I was astonished. “Why? And where is it?”. “It’s in the magical dimension, which is in space. I came to take you because you had a secret you neve knew. You are not a human, you are a fairy”. I gasped. “How come I am a fairy?” I asked. “Look at this”. She pulled out a marble ball and showed me some images I didn’t know. “See this? This is your future. You will gain all these powers and the last one is the most powerful of them all, it will make you a true fairy” ” So how do I do that?” “You have to come with me and I will show you”.

Suddenly, a hurricane of shiny, bright, golden dust surrounded us and in an instant we disappeared in thin air.

After a while, we arrive onto a strange looking place with lots of plants. “This place is beautiful” I said surprised. “Where are we?” “We are in Cylton, we are here to own your fairy powers, remember Alexa?” Cynthina said. “How do you know my name?” “I forgot to say this before, but I know your name because…” she sighed…”I am your…fairy godmother”. I gasped at her. Again. “I know it is difficult for you but you need to get used to it and please don’t tell anyone about this otherwise…” “Otherwise?” “There will be chaos and you don’t want that to happen, do you?” “No, definitely not” “So you promise me you won’t tell anyone?” she held out her pinky finger. “Yes, I won’t tell anyone”, I promised.

Than we set into the great, tall trees. “What are we trying to find exactly?” I questioned. “We need to go to the fairixyanairy”. I looked at her with a puzzled look on my face. “Um, ..it basically means the fairy pod flower. I was speaking fairtyline, the language of Cylton”. As we walked, we came to lake and rivers. Suddenly, I found a flower that blossomed more than the others. It had 8 petals, 4 big and 4 small. It glittered beautifully in the sunlight. “Blossoming bells!” I exclaimed. “What?” Cynthina asked. “Look at this!” I pointed to the flower. “Ohh, good job! you found the fairy pod flower!” “Wait! I did?”. She nodded. Suddenly, the flower talked to me. “Dear, dear fairies, how do you do? You can touch me only if you don’t have the flu!”. I didn’t have the flu so I touched it. Cynthina also touched it. It had soft, delicate petals and glimmering pollen. It was so beautiful that I wish I would have a flower as beautiful and glamorous as that one.

We stared at the flower for a few seconds. Suddenly, it spoke again “Dear, dear fairies, please do not stare at me, because it offends me, for it upsets me”. We tried hard not to stare at it. “IT’s so beautiful” I said again. “Fairies called it the Heart of Blossoms. It is beautiful but it can also be dangerous in the wrong hands” Cynthina replied. “Listen to your friend, for she is right”, the flower advised. “What will happen?” “Well, the person will go to oblivion or the omega dimension” “What is the omega dimension or oblivion?” “Oblivion is a dark and gloomy place where criminals are held and can neve, ever get out. The omega dimension is an icy place where prisoners stay in blocks of ice.” “How terrible!” I said. “Very terrible indeed” Cynthina said.

“Bye fairies, because I’ve got to go, for I have something to do!” the flower said. “Bye!” we said. “Pleasure to meet you!” I called after it.

“Where do we go now?” “We don’t need to go anywhere” “Why?” “That’s because we are already here” “Here where?” “Next to the tree of life”. I turned. Right in front of me was a half-dull, half-bright tree. The dull part had vines and was all black. The bright part was like a normal tree but was bright. “The dull part is evil and the bright part is good” Cynthina said. “Err…can I call you Cynthi?” “Sure, that is what some people call me”

“What’s the time?” “Nothing” Cynthi said. “What?” “I mean that in the magical dimension time doesn’t exist. It becomes dark and bright anytime.” “Cool” “Oh no!” “What?” “The evil is growing over the bright!” “What does that mean?” “It’s a very bad sign, the tree of life has to be equal. Half of it has to be the bright side!” Cynthi exclaimed alarmed. “What will happen if the evil will be over the good?” I ask. “Than evil will rule forever!” she said. “That’s terrible!” “We have to go to the palace immediately!”

We finally arrived at the palace. The palace was mesmerizing. It had big, brass doors and windows made out of glass while the window ledge was made out of leaves. There was a garden with all types of flowers. “Wow!” I said. “No time for admiring, come on!” Cynthi said. We ran up to the guards and they let us in.

“Where is the teen? Malefent asked. Malefent found the guards asleep. she stared and knew someone took Alexa. She saw some sleep-deep powder on the guards. “Cynthina” she muttered slowly. “Oh no, the teen is in danger!”. Malefent ran down the halls to see if there were some guards. There were no guards, so she had to go search the teen by herself.

After a while, Melefent stll dind’t find Alexa, so she asked King Zantil to help her. He agreed. He took some guards in the search, to protect him and Malefent. They searched in the forest first. Yet she wasn’t there. They searched the castles and the villages and asked creatures and people, but she was nowhere. “We are never going to find her” Malefent said, depressed. “Of course we are going to find her, we just need to try” King Zantil said “But we need a plan” “Let’s go back to my castle and plan something”. Suddenly, they heard laughing. “Bass and Base, stop laughing!” King Zantil said. Malefent sighed “Whatever” she said.

At Malefent castle…

“Will you tow stop laughing!” King Zantil said irritated. Malefent finally found a piece of parchment made out of leaves. “Here’s a piece of parchment” she said. “Perfect! Now, where do we start?” the King asked. Malefent shrugged. “Right, so, Plan A, Phase 1: check the forest, castles, cities, well…everyone from the sky!” “Uhhh…how do we do that?” “Easy. I am going to ask Vincila for her wing-copter.” “Who is Vincila?” “She is my daughter” King Zantil said. “What is a wing-copter?” Malefent asked. “A wing-copter is a kind of helicopter with wings. It flies. It is my daughter’s latest invention”. “Impressive!” Malefent said.

In front of them was the wing-copter. It had big wings that looked like a dragon’s. It had lots of seats for a whole family. It was red all over with blue stripes on it. “There you go. Like it?” Vincila said. “I don’t like it…I love it!” the King exclaimed. “I am very grateful that you love it, father” she said, very happy. “I wrote the instructions for you to know how it works and how to use it. See you later! Bye!” “Bye!” said King Zantil. “Bye!” Malefent said.

Bass and Base started laughing. “They never stop laughing, do they?” Malefent asked, irritated. “Only when I am angry” he said “Anyway, let’s read the instructions” “1.Press the button. 2.Pull the lever. 3.Press the green button. 4.Repeat the steps when you want to turn” Malefent read. “Easy peasy” the King said. “Let’s get to work!”

Malefent pushed the buttons. The king pulled the lever. Bass and Base looked for her and shouted directions. “Go left!” Bass shouted. “No, go right!” Base shouted. “Go left!” “Go right!” “Left!” “Right!”. “Enough!” King Zantil roared. Bass and Base stopped. “You will work together properly, or else…” King said. “Yes, sir!” they shouted.

Suddenly, they saw something move in the shadow of the trees. “Hey sir! There is something down there” Base said. “I can see it, let’s go and check” the King said. They landed. “Where is it?” Malefent asked. “It must have disappeared” Bass said. “Well, it hasn’t, because it’s right here!” Base said. In front of them was a gigantic monster with long, yellow fangs. “AAAAAHHHHH!!!” everyone screamed. “Run!” Bass shouted. They started running. the monster followed them. “To the wing-copter!” Base said.

Me and Cynthi ran up the stairs. “Where are we supposed to go?” I asked. “We’re going to my mom and dad.” “Who are they?” “They are the King and Queen of Cylton” “Cool”. We went to the throne room. “Wow! this is beautiful!” I said as I looked around.

They arrived to the wing-copter. “Everyone on board!” the King shouted. “Help!” Bass screamed. The ugly monster took Bass. “I have an idea. Let’s start the wing-copter. Fly into the air. Take Bass” Malefent said. “Who will take Bass” Base asked. “You” Malefent pointed at Base. “Me?” “Yes” “Why me?” “You are his twin” “But…fine!”. They put the plan into action.

Malefent pushed the buttons. King Zantil pulled the lever. Base took Bass. bass was so happy that he was not going to be eaten by that horrible monster. In fact, he was thanking everyone a thousand times. Well, not that much but you get the idea – a lot of times. He was especially happy that he was not going to die, he was happy to see his friends and his twin, Base, again. “Oh, I’m so happy to see you again, twin!” Bass aid, overjoyed. “Me too, twin” Base said. He was too, overjoyed. They hugged each other several times. Malefent was thanked by both of them because of her brilliant idea. “Oh, thank you, thank you!” Bass and Base said. “Yes, yes, we get it” Melefent said, a lit bit annoyed. “So, are we going or not?” King Zantil said. “Let’s go!” Base said. “Finally!” King Zantil said, rolling his eyes. They took off into the calm, azure sky.

“Hey! The monster is chasing us!” Bass exclaimed. “Rooooaaarrr, give me my food!” the monster roared. “I have an idea. King, do you have some meat?” Base said. “Yes, here” King Zantil said. He handed Base a big amount of meat. “Hey monster! Here is your good!” Base said. Base threw the amount of meat at the monster. The monster caught the meat, sat down and began to eat. “Thank you!” he said, between a mouthful of meat. “You’re welcome!” Base called back. “And that is how the monster stopped chasing us” “Good job twin!” Bass said. “Yes, I know. Thank you” Base said. They went on. It was now afternoon. They decided to continue tomorrow. morning, at dawn. They said their goodbyes and went home. They were tired, from what happened that day.

The next morning, at the King’s castle…

“Wake up Base, Bass!” the King shouted. “Mmmm just five more minutes…” they groaned. “No five more minutes, it’s already eight!” “What? eight already?” Base said, jumping up. “Exactly!” King Zantil said. He went over to Bass “Hey Bass! Wake up! Otherwise, we will leave you nothing but bones and cheese rinds for breakfast!” “Wait…what?? No! Wait for me! I don’t want bones and cheese rinds for breakfast!” Bass cried. The King smiled.

It was a trick to get people moving. After breakfast, they went outside and waited for Malefent to come. “Ahhh, fresh air. finally. Isn’t this beautiful?” King Zantil said, inhaling and exhaling air. “Sure is” a voice said. “Who is…oh, Malefent” the King said. “You are a bit late, you know?” Malefent said. “We know, we are not that good at doing things at the night time” “I can see” “Where do we start?” “I don’t know yet” she said, sitting down on the grass. “Let’s stay here for a while”.

“Come on!” Base urged them. “What are we waiting for? If we want to find the girl, we need to get a move on!”

We reached the royal court. “Hi dad, hi mum!” Cynthi said. “Well hello dear! Who did you bring here” her mum said. “I hope it is someone intelligent. Because so many people didn’t have a brain when they entered.” her dad said. “Oh dad, don’t worry! She is really intelligent” Cynthi reassured him. “Hello, your majesties” I said. “Hello girl, please introduce yourself” they said. I introduced myself “I am Alexa and I am 12 years old”. “Where are you from?” “England, London” “Never heard of it. Where is it?” the Queen asked, getting more interested. “It’s in…” “Mum, she is half human and half fairy” Cynthi interrupted. “Oh, really….ok…” “It doesn’t seem that she is smart” the King said, disappointed. “Dad! I already told you, she is smart!” “Than let’s test her! Now, girl, what is 344×3?”. In a minute, I said”334×3=1302!” “Correct! Impressive! What is 6431+472?” “6431+472=6903!” “Correct! 243×4?” “243×4=972!” “Correct! You pass!” “Anyhow, we came here because the Tree of Life, it is not balanced anymore!” Cynthi said. “Let’s go, I will check! It’s impossible” the King said. “Why?” “Because for 300 years the tree has been balanced!” “Cynthi, can you try the Crutanus charm?” “The what charm?” “The Crutanus charm. It’s a charm that balances everything” “Sure mum” Cynthi said.

We reached the Tree of Life. “Everyone, stand back!” Cynthi said. We stood back. Out loud, she said “Alberus de vitus, balancius!”. Suddenly, some blinding white light flashes out all around us. Everyone closed their eyes except me. If was frozen to the spot. In the light, there were some images, those images showed my family. I was than knocked out of consciousness.

Not knowing where I was, I slowly opened my eyes. I head so many squeals of excitement and managed to catch a few words. “..she is alive!…world record” “World record?” I thought, what world record? I sat up but slumped down again. After a minute or two, someone came to me “Oh, you’re awake. Bed 24! Miss Waterbringer is awake!” this woman shouted. After a while, she said “Dr. Zenton! Your patient is awake!”. Still no one came.

“Wait here” she said “I’m going to find this doctor”. And than she went off, muttering to herself about time-wasters.

After so long that I nearly died of boredom, a doctor with jet-black, untidy hair and a pair of glasses, arrived. “Good evening. I’m sorry i came late” he said quietly and looking rather nervous. “It’s fine” “I’m doctor Zenton, if you don’t know me” “Nice name” “Thanks. Anyway, let’s start. Right, so what did you see in the light?” “My family and some images. I didn’t see the images clearly though. I was than knocked out of consciousness” “Ok..” he was writing exactly what I said on a piece of paper. “Where is Cynthina and the King and Queen?” “In there” he pointed to a room with a golden writing on it.. The writing said: room 784. “Can I see them?” No, later” “Do they offer like drinks, books or something? Cause I am bored!” “Well, they offer something but I don’t remember”.

Great. I thought. I’m stuck here on this bed with this stupid prat. “Right, thank you and goodbye”. I tried to get off the bed but a hand stopped me. “Hey! No! Don’t you dare! You’re not supposed to go!” he said. “Why not? I said. “Because you need to do a mind vision”. “What?” “A mind vision is almost like an x-ray but we are going to see what’s happening in your mind” “I am perfectly fine. No need for this mind vision” “You need it!” “No I don’t!” “Yes, you do!” he shouted. “Oh, this is getting stupid, I DON’T NEED IT!” I shouted even louder. “Now, what is this racket?!” a voice said. Without realizing it, the room had gone very quiet. The people in the room were staring at us.

I turned to look at who spoke. It was a person with blondish white hair and bottle-green eyes. “You should be ashamed of yourselves! You shouting to the doctor” he pointed at me “and you shouting to the pa- pati-…” he stopped abruptly. He started to look at me “Good Lord…is that…can it be…”. he came closer. “Bless my soul, welcome back Alexa Waterbringer, welcome”. He shook my hand. I didn’t know what to say. Suddenly, I found myself shaking hands with everyone in the room. “Melanie Feltine. Can’t believe I’m finally meeting you”. “Dilton Crecked. What an honor”. “Ernette Macila. So proud to meet you”. There was a great babble until Dr. Zenton finally made himself heard over it. “Got to go. Got to do a mind vision with Miss Waterbringer”. He pulled me into another room.

“It’s your fault!” he said to me. “Excuse moi? My fault? for what?” I said startled. “Your fault because…” “Because?” “Errr…” “Oh come on, just say it! Say it before I get redder than a rose!” “Because you started the fight!”. I went whiter than a Brie. Than I accidentally started yelling at him. “Me?! You said I needed this stupid thing! That started the fight!”. Then I realized what I had done “Whoops, sorry!”. He turned pale. than he stomped out of the room. “I’m out of here! And remember that, you vermin!” “Moldy mozzarella! What have I done!” I muttered to myself. I scrambled out of the room. “How am I going to get out of here?” I said looking for an exit. I burst open door by door, and I always found a nurse, a patient or a doctor. This hospital is endless! “Exit door…exit door…where are the exit doors…do they even have one?!”. “Excuse me…” a small voice said. “Who is it?”. A girl with big, black wings emerged from the door on my left. I guessed she was probably 4 or 5 years old. “Yes?” I said softly to her. “Um…if you’re looking for an exit door, there’s one over there”. She pointed to a red door. I hadn’t noticed it before.

“Thank you. What’s your name? My name is Alexa Waterbringer” “My name is Thetta Shylur” “What are you doing here?” “I always like to have a stroll here. I also like to nick food out of the kitchens. They’re always angry with me and they try to capture me but I’m too fast for them” “Where are your parents?” “They’re dead” “So you live on your own?” “Mais Oui ( means yes in French ). It’s pretty boring, actually” “Why don’t you come with me?” “You mean it?” “Oui” She hugged me. “Yay! Merci beaucoup ( means thank you very much in French ), Alexa!”.

Suddenly, we heard enraged voices. “Oi! It’s that toddler again! Let’s get her!”. She turned to me “Do you trust me?” “Yeah!” “Then hold tight my hand and we’ll fly out of the window” “What?!”. I looked of the window. Below us is like a fifty foot dive. I am not gonna do this. I am not going to die jumping out of a building. I looked between the guards and the window. I’d rather choose window. “Ready?” Thetta said. I nodded.

We jumped out of the window. I closed my eyes in case I was going to be sick. but than, I felt like I was suspended mid-air. I slowly opened one eye. I wasn’t falling anymore. I looked at the girl holding my hand and her wings were out. We were flying! “Yay! Whoo-hoo!” I shouted, enjoying the flight. “Where are we going to stay for the night?” “In the valley. There, there’s a cave where I used to live after my parents died”. Below us, there was the forest. Then we saw a valley. There was a vave there. We landed at the mouth of the case. I looked inside it. “It’s pretty dark in here” “don’t worry. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you that my wings glow in the dark” “Cool!” We entered the cave. “It’s pretty creepy in here” “Yeah, I know” “does it feel comfortable in here for you, I asked, shivering. “Yeah…it does” “Munching rat whiskers! You’re Brie must’ve slipped off the baguette! It’s 100% creepy in here!”. She laughed. Then, a voice came from the back of the cave. “Hello” it said. “Who is it?” I said. a wonderful snow wolf came out. “My name is Cryzardy”. “My name is Alexa. She’s Thetta”. The wolf gnashed his ferocious teeth. Then I went up to the wolf and gave it a nice, warm hug and I said “Friends?” “Yes”. Then another voice broke the tension. “No, Gale. you’re wrong” “No! Nightin, you’re wrong!”. They emerged from the shadows. “Oh, hi! Didn’t notice you guys there, hehe…Anyway, we’re the Crystal Nightingale Brothers! I’m Nightin, he’s Gale!”. “What were you tow arguing about?” “Ummm…uhhh…nothing!” “Well, ok. I’m off to sleep” I said. Everyone else agreed.

The next morning, I opened my eyes and received quite a shock. Pending over me was Cynthina! I stood up. “How did you find me?” “Oh, that. It’s just that I was the girl, my mom and dad were the nightingales and the wolf was my pet and friend so…yeah” “And why are you here?” “To bring you to Malefent” “Oh, ok”.

After a while, I was back with Melefent. “What did you do?” she demanded. “Nothing, Cynthi said. It’s fine, she didn’t do anything wrong”. “Good, let’s go”.

“Haa. Finally home”. Yup. I was home. And Malefent told me that I was the girl who survived. Who survived the curse.

The Colour Land

It was a beautiful morning at Hungarian Academy. The students chattered happily as it was almost the summer holidays. Crysty, Vinna, Nicore, Paulette and Paleta were sitting on a bench in the school plains after their astronomy class. “I loved learning about Jupiter and its 16 moons. I hope I can find a book and illustrations so I can draw the planet”. Vinna said. “I would like to design a dress with starts!” Crysty exclaimed. “I’d like to go…” but before Nicore could finish her sentence, I tapped her on the shoulder. “Hi Myrah!” “Hi! Can you come into my office please?” “What’s happened?” Paleta said. “I just received this package” I said, showing them a box with the word FANTASY on it. “Do you know what it means?” “No” “I’ve never seen the logo before”. Palette said.

“Hmmm…ok. Should I open it?” “Sure” Crysty said. I opened it and found a small coin. Than a face appeared on the coin. It was a man with ginger-red hair and brown eyes. “Who are you?” “Dorkin Ferr” “What do you want – errmmm – Ferr?” “Do you want to learn and save fantasy worlds? “Don’t be ridiculous! Fantasy worlds don’t exist!” “So, d’you want a wand?” “O-ok” “Than meet me at Gyorbon Street, Thursday night, 9.00”. The man disappeared.

At 8.30, Thursday night, we went to Gyorbon Street. It was all dark at first but then a light flickered on. “Hello” a voice said. It was Dorkin Ferr. “Come in” he said, indicating a shop. It has “Ferrs: maker of fine wands since 167 BC” on the front. “Remember, it’s the want that chooses the person” her said. “Well now, you” he pointed at me “What is your wand arm?” “Right” “Good. Here, try this. Willow, rather bendy, 10 inches. Give it a wave”. I waved it but nothing happened. “No, no”. He snatched it out of my hand and took another wand. “Here. Phoenix feather, 11 and a half inches, straight and firm”. I waves it and fireworks sparked out. “Bravo! Perfect. Keep it somewhere safe, don’t want to risk losing it!” he said, frowning at the thought.

“What about us?” Crysty asked. “Here. Each of you five take this…”. He handed them five bracelets. “What do they do?” “You can communicate with people, you can grip on something very tightly, you can speak to animals, you can become invisible and you can turn into anything”. “Cool technology!” “It’s magic! Period!” “Right, magic, yes” “Godd, follow me”.

We went into what looked like a wooden life. There was a mini piano inside. Ferr went to the piano and began playing a beautiful melody. “How wonderful!” I exclaimed. When the lift stopped and the doors opening, a land came in view. It has colours everywhere! “Wow!” “Welcome to Colour Land” Ferr said. It’s lovely!” Paulette exclaimed. “Yeah, but why are we here?” Paleta asked. “Because this land is in danger!” “Why?” “The land is losing its colours! Someone stole the box of colour!” “What is that?” “The source that controls the colour in Colour Land. Someone stole it! But we don’t know who”. “That’s terribly sad!” Nicore said. “Indeed it is”. “So where should we go?” I asked. “We should go to the Dream Soft Witch” “Who is she?” “She is a witch who can see through dreams”. Then something hit Paulette. It was a drop of blue paint. “It’s a paint shower! Take cover!” Ferr warned. We found a forest of flowers. We took cover under a yellow flower and sat on its leaves. “Where are we?” Vinna asked. “We are near the cottage of Dream Soft Witch. This is her garden. Everyone calls it the Dream Flower Woods”.

After the shower dies away, we went to look for the witch. We then saw a small cottage on a small hill and a fence surrounding it. We went up the hill and knocked on the door of the cottage. Knock! Knock! “Who is it now?!” I don’t have all day!” came a frustrated voice from inside. The door flung open. A red-haired, old woman with wrinkles glared at us. She started shouting but when she saw Ferr she spoke sweetly. “Welcome my dears. Come inside. Should I make you something?” “No thanks, Drella.” Ferr replied. “Why are you here, Ferr?” “To save Colour Land” “Are you trying to be the hero again?” “No, no” Ferr said, chuckling. “I’m serious this time, heh heh…” “Why?”. Ferr told her the story about the box being stolen and Colour Land losing its colours. “Oh my! That’s why you’re here?” “Yes” “I’ll check my crystal ball, maybe it will tell me something”. She went and came back with a crystal ball. “Crystal ball, don’t be a fox! Tell me who stole the Colour Box!” A bird appeared on the crystal ball. Its wings were the shades of a sunset. “It was a sunset tail?!” the both said, shocked and surprised. “What’s so shocking?” I asked “It’s just a bird” “Yes, but it’s rare. Very rare” “Where can we find it?”. the witch turned to the ball. “Now, ball, don’t be quirky, tell me where is this birdie!”. The ball showed a forest of silver. “Where do we find it Drella?” Ferr asked. “Ask the Nymphs for I don’t know” “Thanks!” “Welcome!”.

We left the cottage and came to a halt in front of a village. “Should we enter?” Crysty asked. “Ok…” Ferr replied “Carefully though”. We took a few steps but someone jumped in front of us, blocking out way and said “Alt! Who goes there?” “Bildit, it’s Ferr!” “Oh! Hi, Ferr. Come in”. the little cloud led us to a small stone house. A nymph in a long green tunic came out. “Nelta, a pleasure to see you” “Same here” “One question. Where is the Forest of Silver” “The Warm Current will take you” “Thank you”. We went out of the village and the Warm Current took us away.

After a while, we landed outside the forest. We entered it and saw a bird perched up on a tree. “It’s sunset tail!” Ferr shouted. “Catch it!”. but, unfortunately, the bird heard us and it flew off into a forest of gold. When we reached it, the bird went to a forest of diamonds. We sat down and pouted sadly. Then an idea downed on me. “Everyone gather some leaves!” Check. “Ferr?” “Hmm?” “Go and fetch me a rope and something sticky”. He nodded. Check.

He came back. “Perfect, thank you!” “What is your plan exactly?” “You’ll see”. I glued the leaves onto the rope. Then at the last leaf, I put some glue on it so when I threw it, it would stick to the birds feathers. “Finished!” “Great!” “Come here…”. I urged them closer. “Here is the plan…psst, psst, psst…ok?”. I said in an undertone. “Got it” they said” “Good, let’s go!”.

After preparing…”Ready?” I called. We were in the forest of diamonds. They nodded. So I threw the rope and it stuck to the bird’s neck and I pulled it down with the help of the others. “Right, bird, why did you steal the box of colour?”. It remained silent. “Come on!”. Silence. “Spit it out!”. Silence. “Out with it!”. Silence. Ferr went to a tree and banged his head against it. “Do something please!” he said miserably. “Try again” I suggested. So he tried to get the answer out of it but couldn’t for it remained quiet and still. “Wait, I have an idea!” Nicore exclaimed. “What is it?” Ferr asked eagerly. “You have a wand, right Myrah?” “Yeah” “Ferr, do you know a spell that can make the bird speak?” “Yes. It’s parla! You have to point it at the throat” “Great. You can do that, Myrah!”, I nodded. “Parla!” I did as Nicore and Ferr told me.

It began speaking at once. I only heard chunks of it like the words ‘wings’ and ‘shine’, because it was blabbering so fast. “Did you understand what it said?”. They shook their heads. “Repeat!” I ordered to the bird. It spoke but clearly. “I took it because I needed it” “Why?” “I need it for my wings, for they are not shining” the bird squawked. “Why?” “I have no idea” “Why do they have to shine?” “To help children dream!”. I looked at Ferr. “Royal Court will fix this!” “How do we get there?”. Crysty’s face lit up. “Idea?”. She nodded vigorously. “Great!” I exclaimed, grinning. “Collect some leaves”. Check. “Glue”. Check. “String”. Check. she made a boat big enough for all of us to fit in. But…”How are we supposed to fly?” “Not a problem. Vinna, Paulette, Paleta and Nicore will transform into birds with their bracelets”.

We all nodded in agreement. The boat as ready. We set off into the sky. After, we landed on a huge colorful cloud, which contained a castle. We entered it, Ferr leading us. “Wait here” he said, when we reached a door. He than said, through the keyhole, “Calt de Friss”. It opened at once. There was a blue hall. After passing the hall, there was another door. Ferr said again “Calt de Friss”. There was a pink hall. “When will this finish?” Paleta moaned “I feel like I’m in a maze of colorful halls” “You’re always thinking of the future” Crysty teased. Everyone laughed. Even Paleta. We reached a golden door. It burst open to reveal a round room full of people. Up ahead was a green throne adorned with pearls and clouds. Sitting on the throne was a young man with turquoise eyes and orange hair. “Welcome Ferr!” “Hello King Bristle!” “Have you found the culprit?” “Yes” “Who is it?” the King demanded. “Me” piped up the bird. Whispers and gasps of astonishment swept over the room. “Silence, please!” King Bristle ordered. The room fell silent once more. “Why?”. The bird explained. We could see sorrow in hiss eyes. “I forgive you. Give us the Colour Nox. And I’ll give you a gem to make your wings shine” “Thank you” “Now, let’s celebrate!”. The celebration took place in the Hall of Paint, where the walls and ceiling was splattered with paint! We chose elegant gowns and danced cheerfully. The king gave us a box of paint to remember them. We were disappointed to go back home but we still had a wonderful journey!

See you in the next adventure!

The Crystal Castle

It was the end of the summer and fall was getting nearer. The girls, ( Paulette, Paleta, Vinna, Nicore and Crysty ) were sharing between each other their vacations. “How about you Nic?” Paulette asked. “It was wonderful! I hiked and camped in Australia. I love being back home!” Nicore exclaimed. She held up her Rattablet to show a photo of the Australian Outback. “Check it out!” she said. “Wow! Next time I’m coming with you!” cried Paleta. “I went to China. Look at the sunset there!” said Vinna, showing a picture. “My sister, Galena, made necklaces for you.” Crysty said. She handed them pouches. “Wonderful!” “I love it!”. She smiled. “I hope we can visit her, she’s such a kind girl!” Paulette said. “She made one for Myrah too”. I tapped on the door. “Come in!” I entered. “Myrah! Hi!” “Hi, I have news from Ferr” “What happened?” “A new land to save” “Does he need our help?” “Yes” “Yay!” “Shh!” “Sorry” “See you tomorrow” “Bye!” “Bye!”

“Wait, Myrah!” “I stopped” “My sister made this” “Thank you, I love it!”. It was a blue necklace.

The next morning, I packed a bag with my tablet, my laptop, a flashlight, a pen, a notebook and a bottle of water. “Ready?” I asked the girls. “Yes!”

We met Ferr at his shop. “Hello! Geminal is in danger!” “Hi!” “In the elevator”. When the elevator stopped, a view with rocks came. “Where are we?” “Geminal” “The land of rocks, gems and minerals?” “Yes” “Why is it in danger?” “The fairies that produce the rocks are not producing the rocks, gems and minerals!” “Oh no!” A voice rung out. “5+2 people we see!” the person speaking was a cloud. Another cloud arrived. “3×4 – 10 riddles they must solve to pass” it said. “So…2?” “Yes”. One of them spoke “Listen and think. There are six blue clouds and one pink. Three clouds come and two leave. How many clouds are in the sky?” “8” “Correct”. “There are ten drops in the sky. Twelve come. Nine leave. How many drops are in the sky?” “13!” “Correct. 4+3 may pass” “Thank you”.

We took a few steps and a sign appeared. “The dark forest of tears”, I read. “It seems spooky” Crysty said with a shiver. Then we heard a voice. “Hey! Wait! I’ll be your guide!”. We look to the night but there was no one! How strange! We looked to the left but there wasn’t anybody! How very strange! We looked behind and ahead but still: nobody! How very, very strange! We looked up and saw…the cloud that gave us the math riddles was roaming toward us! “I saw you didn’t have a clue where you were going” it said, coming to a halt. “So I said to myself: I’ll help them!”. We smiled appreciatively. “Thank you!” Vinna thanked “You are very kind” Nicore said. “Oh, it’s nothing!” he said, waving a hand.

“This forest…” Paulette asked, indicating the sign “…is it safe?”. The cloud looked darkly at it “No”. “So…how do we pass it?” “By flying over it” “How?” “Clouds”. Then he shouted “Boomer! Blower!”. Two clouds arrived. we mounted them and took off. We passed the forest. We thanked the clouds and they zoomed off. We walked and walked and then we heard crying. “Who’s crying?” “I have no idea” “Let’s follow the cries”. The cries led us to a tall, stone tower.

“Let’s climb the tower. The stones are firm”. We climbed it and inside the tower we found a fairy with short, silver hair. She was very beautiful, but she had the saddest look on her face. We were sure: we have found the creature. “I’m Gemma. Who are you?”. We introduced ourselves. “Nice to meet you. Why are you here?”. We explained. “I am here for that reason” she said, a shadow crossing her face. “What do you mean?” “Well, fairies thank that the reason the Rock Fairies don’t produce anymore is that they no longer dream” “Why aren’t you dreaming?” “The others blame me” she said sadly. “They said that I disturbed them by telling them of the real world” “We live there”. Her eyes lit up. “Really?”. We nodded. “But I broke the rule. We cannot know of the real world. And if we fairies don’t start making soon, Geminal will disappear!” “Oh no!” “That’s horrible!”. She nodded, a look of sorrow on her shadowy face.