Be brave, be bold

“They say that great risk comes with great rewards”, but we also know that that with great risks, you also get uncertainty, sacrifice, loss, problems and a list of other not-so comfortable things.

But if you don’t risk, isn’t the list of things you will never experience, be longer? Isn’t it worth it?

“Success doesn’t come simply because you have made ONE bold decision: it comes when you have made one thousand”. Keep making bold choices, throw yourself out there, having the courage to do what matters to you, even when it’s hard. Things, when done right and with love, will always succeed in the end, because serious things require serious sacrifice. And sacrifice is always rewarded.

There will be moments when you will feel it’s best to give up, you will feel like a failure and think that following your passion was not worth it, you will want to be taken seriously for what you are trying to achieve and encounter multiple obstacles on the way, you will feel discouraged and unhappy…but you do know that there is always a way out, because you have been there before. So be brave. Be brave enough to cause problems. “A person who never causes any problems is a person who doesn’t trust herself to handle what happens next”.

A good idea is only one if you know who to get yourself out of it later. But what do you do when you don’t know what to do? Ash suggests to use her own method to answer this impossible question, and she does so with another question: “What feels the most like self respect?”. The first question is about helplessness, the second one is about solution. Taking a step that resonates with you at a deeper level, giving you instant clarity because it puts YOU first, because “what’s better for you in the long run is always going to be what honors you”, will always be the best decision. “Sometimes, ensuring that you will like yourself in the morning, is the most important form of self-care we have”.

Even if you get yourself in a situation whereby you need to ask yourself this question, remember that everything is temporary. Nothing is permanent. Just get out there and sprint. You will figure it out later as you go and fix anything that needs fixing, any problem that needs solving, you will make it happen. Just shoot for the stars and never look back. Be brave and put yourself out there. “Little do we realize that, by putting ourselves out there, we end up earning more credibility, not less. Making any kind of offer is a form of leadership”. You will show the world that you have something to offer, you have claimed yourself as someone who has an idea that it’s worth listening to, “because you dared to take up space”.

Cause problems, go against the current, be bold and be brave, lead the way and others will follow and look at what you are achieving and succeeding. They will hate you at first, than be jealous, but they will end up admiring you and your courage to follow your dreams.

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