Shine like a diamond

We are lucky enough to live in a world where internet has democratized everything: there is no limit to what you can do, what you can research, what you can accomplish, and…you can reach anyone, at any time. The whole wide world. In today’s market, “ideas are real and actual currency”. There has never been a better time to start something interesting, that moves you and that means something to you, true to yourself and your passions. Because now you can let the whole world know about it with just a few clicks. Talk about expansion opportunities! “The only thing you need is a dangerous idea and an internet connection”.

Spending time being controlled by someone else that decides for you is the opposite of what purpose should feel like. “You can do better, more meaningful work by starting today, right now, without needing anyone’s permission”. No title, no one to stop you, no one to tell you what to do or to approve your skills: you just need to start. “What’s the most significant thing you can dream up? Take that and then figure out how to sell it to someone. Done. You’re hired. And now you are doing exactly what you want”.

According to Ash, you can create any job you want for yourself. The world is nothing more than a huge marketplace where someone sells to someone else all the time to make the world turn…so for sure you can find something that you love and that you are good at, that people need and are willing to pay for to have. Whether it’s a product, a service, your knowledge: everyone is good at something. “It’s about having enough guts to hire yourself”. “Than share your work over and over again until they can’t ignore you anymore”.

The way of working for yourself, has a different psychology to it than what we call “normal employment”:

  • more attempts – less success
  • consistency is not the same as quality
  • become and expert quitter, because this means you are also an expert starter
  • there is no such thing as a wrong move – only steps that move you forward
  • you don’t have to be just one thing
  • discover who you aren’t – it will help you understand who you are
  • don’t wait for everything to be perfect to start – you will always figure it all out as you go
  • stop thinking of “giving up” and think instead about what “you are getting”
  • being worthwhile doesn’t come from being good – it comes from being brave

Even as I am typing, I can feel it in my bones how this all contradicts the way the majority of us works and thinks about our professional lives. But at the same time, what Ash writes makes so much sense: that is why I found this book so inspirational; because it makes you want to be better, it makes you want to explore more and be brave, it makes you want to believe in yourself more and take risks, because “no one ever knows if it will work until the day it does”.

And it all comes down to you: “what you believe about yourself will either murder your chances or change your life”.

Don’t bother or don’t be scared about others. “When you get the courage to try something new, you will threaten people”. And that is a good thing, believe it or not. You are not here to live a journey other people are living for themselves. “Your ambition will be a sore reminder of their lack”. Or the way I prefer to think about it, your ambition will be an inspiration, radiating confidence in others like “if she can do it, so can I”. Good ideas or new things are a threat because they change the status-quo. They change things and change is scary and unknown. Change means others around you need to step up, and they get defensive, like “who does she thinks she is?”. Ideas are dangerous. A good type of dangerous. Imagine if no one had ideas…we would get nowhere and still living in the stone age! So we must be thankful to all those people who have been brave and had the guts to stick with it, no matter what. We owe our world and lifestyle to them.

There will always be people that will not understand you. But then who cares? You are not on this planet to please others. You are on this planet to be the best version of yourself, and hopefully leave the world a bit better than you found it ( I remember reading this somewhere I am sure! ). They will only always understand what they know, and if they don’t share your vision and journey, than who cares about what they think? The can judge as much as they please if that makes them happy, but it doesn’t concern you. You will prove them wrong, if so you wish, by showing up “to do the work every day, without fail, with a clear and excited heart. Whatever you want to do, you can accomplish with good, old-fashioned cause and effect”.

So don’t be afraid to shine like a diamonds. They are rare and they are strong: just like you are.

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