Think BIG

Thinking BIG is essential to extraordinary results.

BIG is not bad, because on the road to achieving BIG, you will become bigger and better, grow and evolve, while pushing your limits. When you allow yourself to accept that BIG is about who you can become, you will look at it differently. No one knows their limits.

To live great you have to think BIG as only living BIG will let you experience your true life and work potential. That is why asking yourself the right focus question, is the simple formula for finding exceptional answers that lead to extraordinary results. At the end of the day, “life is a question and how we live is our answer”.

So focus on the most important thing in every aspect of your life. Focus on what matters, as the greatest questions are the path to the greatest answers.

People do not decide their future. What they do is decide their habits, and their habits decide their future. If you think about it, it makes so much sense: it all depends on how you decide to live your life that will determine what is to come. Along with the right behaviour and the right thoughts, your habits will lead you on the path of becoming who you will be.

“Highly successful people choose to live at the outer limit of achievement. They crave what is beyond their natural grasp. Because the great answer lives outside your comfort zone”.

All you need is a PURPOSE and to set your PRIORITIES, and you will get PRODUCTIVITY, meaning results that get you closer to your goals. Everything starts from our purpose, because it determines who we are. Who we are and where we want to go determines what we do and what we accomplish. If you live with purpose, you know where you want to go. And if you live by priority, you will know what to do to get there.

That is why thinking BIG is the base of it all.

You can start small with one BIG thing, or you can apply that one BIG thing to every aspect of you life, and act on them simultaneously, like we discussed in the previous post. It is up to you to determine what you want to focus on once you decide your purpose and priorities.

You can also divide your goals in a timeline, so you can divide your energy and concentration depending on what is important to you. Like in the below example.

“When you clear the path to success, that’s when you consistently get there”.

“when you lift the limits of your thinking, you expand the limits of your life. It’s only when you can imagine a bigger life, that you can ever hope to have one”.

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