Don’t give up after the first failure

“Failure is part of the process of success. People who avoid failure also avoid success”.

This is probably one of the most important traits of mentally strong people: being able to pick yourself up after something went wrong is probably one of the hardest things to do. We feel shame, defeat, and fear to try again. But “most successful people treat failure as just the beginning of a long journey to success. They do not allow failure to define them”. They do not allow failure to dictate who they are or to affect their confidence in themselves.

“Failure can actually be a wonderful experience. But only if you move forward with the knowledge you gain from it”. “Giving up after the first time, can easily become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Each time you quit, you reinforce the idea that failure is bad, which in turn will prevent you from trying again”. And than you will end up depressed, stuck and your fear of failure will inhibit your ability to learn. You will not learn from your mistakes and you will be less likely to try again and grow, or achieve the success that you are dreaming of.

“If you refuse to try again after you fail once, it’s likely that you have developed some inaccurate and unproductive beliefs about failure”. These beliefs can have an influence on the way you think, feel and behave toward failure and towards giving it another try.

You have to remember a few things that we often forget: practice is more important than talent ( you can have all the talent in the world but if you do not nurture it, it becomes useless ); grit is better than IQ when trying to predict success; if you attribute failure to lack of ability, you will only feel helpless forever.

Focus instead on your efforts, on the lesson learned, forgive yourself, pick yourself up and give yourself a pat on the back and remember that failure doesn’t define you as a person: it is only a moment in time that already belongs in the past, so there is where it should stay, while you look ahead and focus on the future. Repeat the below to yourself:

  • failure is often part of the journey to success
  • I can handle failure
  • I can learn from my failures
  • failure is a sign that I’m challenging myself and I can choose to try again
  • I have the power to overcome failure if I choose
  • failure builds character
  • failure can discover inner strengths that I didn’t know I had
  • I can learn and grow and become better after failure
  • failure can make me better in the long run
  • I am not scared of failure

If you get used to failing, it becomes a lot less scary, and you will begin to accept it as a part of your journey to success.

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