Don’t resent other people’s success

Please tell me…will it make you feel any better, or make you any more successful, complaining about other people’s accomplishments? The answer is NO. And you know it. It is not a magic formula whereby if you complain about another person’s success, that same success is transferred to you. That person worked for it, chased it, dreamt it, fought for it, and got there. More than anything, it should be a motivation to follow the same path and succeed yourself. It should push you to want the same, and entice you to follow your dreams tirelessly.

“It is easy to resent others when you don’t even know what you want yourself. When you are insecure, someone else’s success will seem to magnify your shortcomings. You might also become bitter when you wrongfully assume that good fortune comes more easily to others when you feel you are the deserving one”.

Resentment can easily consume your entire life if you’re not careful:

  • you will stop focusing on your own path to success
  • you will never be content with what you have
  • you will overlook your skills and talents
  • you may abandon your values
  • you may damage relationships

The saying goes “the grass is never greener on the other side”. Why focus so much energy on what others do, when you have so much to do and achieve in your own life? It is logically detrimental to spend time doing things that take you nowhere and make you feel bad about yourself. All you should be focusing on is you, your path, your goals, your dreams, your growth, your success. Spending valuable time on anything else, is wasted time:

  • avoid comparing yourself to others
  • develop awareness of your stereotypes
  • stop emphasizing your weaknesses
  • quit magnifying other people’s strength
  • don’t insult other people’s accomplishments
  • stop trying to determine what is fair

Instead, you should learn from these successful people, make them your friends, observe their techniques and methods, appreciate their skills and talents and ask questions. They will be happy to help. “When you are able to be happy about other people’s accomplishments, you will attract successful people. And surrounding yourself with others who are working hard to reach their goals can be good for you. You may gain motivation, inspiration and information that can help you along your own journey”.

To summarize:

  • create your own definition of success
  • replace negative thoughts that breed resentment with more rational thoughts
  • celebrate other people’s accomplishments
  • focus on your strengths
  • cooperate rather than compete

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