Ask for help

You are not alone…and this is not the end of your story…It is just the beginning.

Everything in nature, along with ourselves, has the ability to resurrect and rise again. And you are not alone in anything you do. There will always be someone around you that is going through the same, that can empathize and support you and understand you like no other.

And against old-time popular knowledge, asking for help doesn’t mean you are weak. It means you acknowledge who you are and where you are in a given moment, and you are willing to learn and develop in your quest to move forward…no matter what your personal situation might be.

“Asking is, in my opinion, the world’s most powerful and neglected secret to success and happiness”.

Do no be afraid of rejection, do not be afraid of being perceived as weak. Often asking for help shows maturity and confidence, more than anything else. No one expects you to have it all figured out. No one expects you to know everything.

Asking for help allows you to create connections and bonds with other people. Allows you to learn and discover something you didn’t know before in an easier and simpler way. Prime example is: you get lost in an unfamiliar territory and you ask someone for directions…you will get there much easier and much faster than going around in circles looking for it on your own. Swallow your pride and ask someone.

When I started on this journey, I remember asking a few people for advice. It was something new for me and I had no idea what I was doing or where to start looking: so I asked for help. And guess what? Each person I approached was so happy and supportive to help me out and gift me with their time and knowledge. It was totally worth it and saved me a lot of time and research. Additionally, they encouraged me and pushed me to follow my dream.

Of course it is important to be ready for rejection, but we shouldn’t start anything thinking this would happen. I still remember my first career coaching session when my coach told me “Don’t go into your meeting with your boss thinking you will not get what you want. As you do not know the outcome, so don’t create one in your head”. When you ask for help and someone doesn’t comply, it will hurt, but you will find someone else you will be more than happy to oblige. When one says no, you say next!

No matter your current situation, be it professional or personal, nothing will ever come to you unless you seek it or ask for it. As mentioned in one of my previous posts, nothing falls from the sky: you need to do the work and go out and get it. If that means that you need to ask help on your path, than so be it. The whole of the history of humanity is based on helping each other, exchanging ideas and knowledge, supporting one another. So you are no different.

Do not be afraid to ask for help. Do whatever if takes to move forward. There will always be someone cheering for you!

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