Life purpose exercise

I am sure that all of us, at one point in time, if not multiple times, have tried to answer a very specific questions that send chills down the spine: why are we on this planet? what is my purpose?

It would be too naïve to think that we are on this earth to be born, get a paycheck and struggle to get by, and die.

So many of our daily frustrations are connected to survival, more than inspired but who we truly are and want to be. And unfortunately, this is never going to change. We will always need to take care of ourselves, our loved ones and our basic necessities, before we can even consider thinking about anything else.

I read in a book, not so long ago, that the most important human needs come in the following order:

  • human needs
  • comfort / security / safety
  • love / affection
  • belonging
  • accomplishment / success / achievement
  • self-esteem
  • creative expression
  • meaning / purpose

I think the list is accurate, if you look at how we live life in our current environment. You will also see, that finding one’s meaning and purpose is up there, the last and ultimate goal, the GRAIL. The most coveted, hardest but also, most important thing in life: why are we here?

I am going back to my favorite book, “How to get from where you are to where you want to be”, where there is a good exercise to help you discover just that: your meaning and purpose in life.

This is the exercise. Again, not easy, you need to think about it, be true to yourself, and you are welcome to go back to it multiple times until you are satisfied with the result. There is no right or wrong answers, there is no judgement, this is only about you.

  • list 2 of your unique personal qualities
  • list 2 ways you enjoy expressing those qualities
  • imagine the world was a perfect place – describe it
  • combine all of the above in a statement

Here is mine:

  • I think of others before myself / I listen, support, understand, guide
  • everyone is equal, happy, having the same opportunities, resources, in a just world that respects everyone as they are, surrounded by peace and care for the planet
  • MY PURPOSE IS to use my caring and empathetic character to support, listen, understand guide and care for others in a just and equal way

Doesn’t seem to hard at first but it requires a good amount of soul searching. But anything that means getting to know yourself a bit better, you should embrace with open arms.

Would love to hear what your life purpose is. Drop me a note at

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