If it doesn’t work for you, it’s ok to quit…winners do it all the time

I know in one of my previous posts I wrote about NEVER giving up, but in this case it is a bit different. If something really doesn’t work for your best interests, than it is useless to continue and be miserable.

“Finding your dream job doesn’t mean it’s for life. It’s your dream at that particular time and it may change over time as you change. The key is to keep pace with your dreams, and that always starts by being attuned to your intuition and the stirrings of your heart”.

Your life changes, you change and so your dreams might too. In this case, NEVER giving up could be a bad advice. “Real winners don’t hesitate to walk away from an unsuccessful venture. Master the art of moving on by learning when to quit and when to keep going”.

Imagine you started a job, or a side hustle, or your own business, and it’s really not working. Maybe your colleagues or boss are impossible to work with, or your life-work balance is totally non-existent, or you are losing money…in this case, it is time to change. You tried, you persevered, but it’s not working for you. So you decide to quit. But there is a way to ensure you NEVER give up…and that is by picking yourself up, summarize your learnings, and move on to the next thing. You have to remind yourself that you didn’t fail, but instead you took a conscious decision to change for the better. “The real secret is that selective quitting is a powerful practice – you just need to learn when to give up and when to keep going”.

Albert Einstein said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”. So don’t be the mad one.

There are three strategies to make a selective decision to quit and try something else:

  • when the risk is low, make changes or give up quickly
  • fight your fear of missing out or being judged – it’s your life, your story and no matter what everyone else thinks, you need to look out for your best interests, even if that means giving up on what you are doing and trying something different
  • if you know that what you are doing doesn’t work, and another amazing opportunity presents itself, take it! Don’t wait hoping that the present will become better, because you already know that it’s not the case, and time won’t change that
  • if stakes are high, ask yourself: is it working? am I still enjoying it? Be honest to yourself about this. They seem easy questions but they are actually not. You will be driven into lying to yourself because the fear of failure is too big, or the uncertainty of what’s coming next it’s too great

The hardest decision will arise when the answer to the above two questions is different from one another. You may have something that works, but you hate. Or you may have something that doesn’t work, but that you love. But if we take into consideration the first rule we explored in this book, about finding a job that gives you money, joy and flow, well than you already have your answer: it is not for you. You may try to push at it for a while to try and make it work, but it will end up costing you: either in happiness or in money. So it’s time to move on.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. But if you keep missing the shot over and over, maybe you shouldn’t keep taking the same kind of shot, as you don’t get a chance to keep trying and trying indefinitely”.

“Winner never quit, and quitters never win” doesn’t really apply in this scenario: “to win, sometimes you need to find a new game to play”.

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