Don’t feel like the world owes you anything

I think I touched briefly on this point in one of my older posts: nothing falls from trees and nothing happens unless you make it happen. Everything is in your hands. And that automatically means, that nothing is owed to you unless you work for it. You don’t want to focus too much on yourself to feel entitled to everything, otherwise you will never make an effort and you will ultimately compromise your relationships.

“An entitlement mentality prevents you from earning things based on merit. You’ll be less likely to work hard when you’re busy complaining that you’re not getting what you’re owed. Instead, you’ll expect that you should have things based on who you are or what you’ve been through. You’ll also make unrealistic demands of people or be too focused on gaining what you think you deserve to be able to contribute to a relationship in a meaningful way”.

If you allow this mentality to take over you, you will spend more time thinking about what you don’t have or what you can’t do, likely missing out on the best things in life.

Stop focusing on what you think would make things fair and instead focus on the following:

  • focus on your efforts, not your importance
  • accept criticism gracefully
  • acknowledge your flaws and weaknesses
  • stop and think about how other people feels
  • don’t keep score

“When you stop demanding that you need more and are able to be satisfied with what you have, you’ll reap tremendous benefits in life. You’ll move forward with a sense of peace and contentment without experiencing bitterness and selfishness”.

Remember how we spoke about gratitude, about not worrying about what other people think, how we spoke about being happy for other people’s success: all of this will help you to stop playing the victim role and instead focus on your achievements, on your own progress and success.

Concentrate all your efforts on yourself and your own journey instead of wasting time on what is happening around you. You are all that matters, and you need to get into the habit of understanding that everything comes to those who work hard. If you are persistent and consistent with your work, the world will reward you will success and happiness. You hold the power to make it happen.

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