Career coaching – 2

I had my second session of career coaching on Monday. All I can tell you is that I won’t be taking the 3rd one for a while.

I went into it feeling like a totally different person, and she realized it too.

If I have to think back to how much changed in the last week, I am amazed by the fact that in only 7 days, I feel like a different person. I found clarity in my current professional role, but most importantly, I gave life to this blog, that is giving me so much more energy than I expected. It has transformed me and clicked a switch in my brain. Even if this blog will never go any further than this, I will be forever grateful that I decided to take the jump and do it, because it is so therapeutic that I cannot imagine life without it anymore.

I always knew that writing down my thoughts, helps me a lot to clear my head. And I have always laughed a bit when in the many books I read, they actually advised to keep a journal to clear the mind and the soul. I never believed it could work, but now I could possibly become the biggest ambassador of this technique. I sit and words just flow into the page, and it is so calming and liberating, giving me a sense of purpose, because I can dedicate myself to my passion of reading and writing any time I want. And I don’t feel tired anymore.

I still think that my coaching session was necessary for this change to happen. Talking to a stranger about your most intimate feelings can actually be helpful as you are not blocked by fear of judgement or fear of being misunderstood. You can just pour your heart out, and there is a person in front of you that is not biased by knowing who you usually are. And is there just to listen and ask the right questions that guide you on the correct path.

What my coach did was just remind me that “when we align with the truth of who we are, all things are possible”. And that, as Lou Holtz said “If you are bored with life, if you don’t get up every morning with a burning desire to do things, means that you don’t have enough goals”. She prompted me to analyze what was bothering me, and why, and do something about it. All the while being completely true to myself and my feelings. That is why my favorite word now is ACTION. That is why last week, I went back to my famous 101 goals and started to write some and tick off some too. That is why I took the leap of faith and published the blog. That is why I decided to stick to my double workout 5/6 times a day. And the energy that I gained in this process, is allowing me to do all this without feeling tired and emotionally drained…like I was before.

Of course, as with everything in life, nothing comes easy. Setting goals and trying to stick to them, requires diligence and hard work. And overcoming few obstacles along the way too: considerations, roadblocks and fears. Considerations are your inner arguments with yourself, where you discuss in your head all the reason why you should NOT do a certain thing. Roadblocks are external circumstances that come in the way in between you and your goal. Fear, well you know this one: fear of failure, fear of judgement, fear of being misunderstood. All 3 of them will never go away, they are a fact and a part of the process. The only thing we can do is deal with them. In fact, you should be surprised if, while trying to reach your goal, you don’t encounter these 3 on the way…that would mean that you didn’t set a goal big enough to grow you and stretch you. Take it one step at the time if need be, but keep moving: eventually you will get there.

I read some days ago somewhere that “the most impractical thing one can do, is not follow your passion” and I couldn’t agree more. What would life be, without it?

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