Career tests

I thought it would be helpful to discuss a bit about career tests.

During lockdown, I have explored this option to help me in my quest for answers. I didn’t go into it thinking that I would find basic existential differences from who I am, as I am pretty confident about who I am and what I enjoy or what I am good at. But unknowingly I was probably looking for confirmations. And why not, maybe a surprise or two?

What I liked the most about the tests that I have done, is that they give you an indication of aptitudes, more than “you should be a teacher because of xyz”. I don’t think any test can, or should, tell you which career you should pursue. But it can for sure shed some light on certain aspects that probably you already knew about yourself, but never quiet spelled out.

The good news was that, despite doing 5 different career tests, they all highlighted what I believe to be my biggest strengths and inclinations, reconfirming the fact that I am fully aware of myself as a person ( ufff ), but they also all matched when it comes to the overall characteristics of my personality.

I think it is a good exercise to do, also because it is free!

Please find below the links that I used, in case you would like to discover yourself a bit better. if the most extensive test, as it is divided into various categories which go outside of the professional world, like friendship, romantic relationship, parenthood, workplace habits etc…and it also gives insights on how, knowing yourself, you can relate better with others that have a different personality from yours. I found it very interesting and again, very accurate!

I highly recommend trying it out. You never know what you might discover!

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